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The Captain’s Pod #57 – Toxic Relationship Habits The Captain and Michelle discuss toxic habits that poison your romantic, friend, and work relationships. From snooping and jealousy to “The Relationship Scorecard” and buying your way out of trouble, they discuss it all! DON’T tell your significant other “You complete me” – Listen to this episode #57 and get this Valentine’s Day right! ❤

TCP – Episode #56 – Netflix Binge Crew Meeting It’s the first crew meeting of 2016! Kelly, Karli, Michelle, and The Captain get together for a light-heated chat about what they’re binging on via Netflix and Hulu during this bitterly cold time of the year.  The whole crew has been watching “Making a Murder” and discuss that program and other shows that are binge-worthy on these cold nights. Plus, what the crew is snacking on while watching TV. Let’s cuddle up and chat! It’s TCP #56!

The Captain’s Pod Ep#55 – 80’s Christmas Flashback The Captain and Michelle sit down with Dave from the 80’s Reboot Overdrive Podcast and take a trip down memory lane as they discuss toys and traditions from their childhood and how the kids today are missing out! (Or are they?) We’re talking Atari, Atomic Powered Robots, Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man, Thundercats, Make & Bake Ovens, and Nintendo! Did you have Beta or VHS? How about that Star Wars Holiday Special? Do your parents have war stories of how they acquired that Cabbage Patch Kid doll? Or did YOU get in trouble for bringing your Garbage Pail Kids cards to school? Well then THIS is the podcast for you! Happy Holidays!

TCP – Episode #54 – Star Wars and Shadow Psychology What happens when a psychology-loving Literature teacher and a fun-loving sci-fi geek get together to talk about traditional “hero vs. villain” archetypes?  Pure magic.  On this episode of TCP, Michelle applies Carl Jung’s idea of “the ego” and “the shadow” to Star Wars, discovering that it’s more than just a movie about Ewoks… While The Captain contemplates the benefits of embracing “The Dark Side.”

TCP – Episode #53 – Living a Life You LOVE! Cap sits down with Angel Jen to talk about living a live that you LOVE! Jen tells her story of leaving a “safe and secure” job to start from scratch so that she could have more time with her son and do little things on a daily basis to make herself genuinely happy. If the 9 to 5 grind has got you down, you need to hear this! We’re talking loving the life that you live to be a good example for our kids on Episode #53 of The Captain’s Pod!

TCP – Episode #52 – Blackjack Sass She found herself homeless twice, but that didn’t stop her from making music her career. 6 years later now, The Captain sits down with Dark Star Records recording artist Blackjack Sass to discuss being a strong female, the personas that they adopt while performing onstage, whether or not one has to be miserable to write good songs, and their mutual unhealthy love of Sting and The Police! We talk being driven versus perhaps being crazy on episode #52 of The Captain’s Pod!

TCP – Episode #51 – Empowering Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault – nobody wants to talk about them, but we have to. The Captain and Michelle sit down with Karli Johnson of EVA Alliance about what EVA is doing for victims and how you can join the #EmpowermentParty at their Take Back the Night event happening this Saturday October 3rd!

TCP – Episode #50 – The 173 Pound Weight Loss of KimberFitGirl An abusive childhood led her to an adult weight of 370 pounds. Kim has made the changes not only physically, but mentally and emotionally to get to where she is today… 173 pounds lighter and a beacon of light for those that want to make changes in their own life. Kim and The Captain discuss triggers and how they have used that “food high” in the past to unsuccessfully try to fill that void in themselves. They discuss using food for escapism purposes and the modifications Kim has made to her lifestyle that still allow her to go out and have fun responsibly! She is 17 pounds away from her weight loss goal, she is not giving up, and her goal is NOT her stopping point!

Episode #49- The State of the Ship – 100th Show! (The Feelz and the Future) It’s our 100th show that we have produced since we started The Captain’s Pod! Cap expresses his gratitude, talks about being crazy and how we all need PEOPLE! He talks Silver Linings Playbook, The Walking Dead, Minecraft, the future of the show, and how much we love you with all #TheFeelz!  ❤

Episode #48 – Michelle and The Captain’s Paranormal Adventure Michelle and The Captain recap the strange things that they experienced on their vacation. Ghosts and paranormal activity all around! Plus things that were mentioned by The Soul Advisor on Episode #45 come to make sense! It’s a crazy spiral of an adventure on Episode #48!

Episode #47- Black Lives Matter (Part 2)  It’s part 2 of our conversation with Kevin Fair and Keisha Howard about #BlackLivesMatter. We get geeky and talk about the lack of black heroes for the young black community to look up to, the media’s unhealthy portrayal, and even discrimination within the Geek community. Help us keep the conversation going by sharing this episode and starting your own conversations about this topic as well.

Episode #46- Black Lives Matter (Part 1)  #BlackLivesMatter is more than a hashtag. Kevin Fair and Keisha Howard sit down with The Captain and Michelle to share their perspectives on The Black Lives Matter movement .  The four of them talk about why it is so important to have sometimes uncomfortable conversations about topics like racial profiling, institutionalized racism, white privilege,  revisionist history, and even discrimination within the Geek culture.  It’s not an accusatory conversation.  It’s a conversation between friends looking to gain an understanding about another perspective.  Thanks to social media, you don’t have to wait for a march on Washington or a political leader like Martin Luther King Junior to have a voice and show that you care.  Regardless of your stance on The Black Lives Matter movement, this is an important conversation worth listening to and having with others.  Help us keep the conversation going by sharing this episode and starting your own conversations about this topic as well.

Episode #45- The Soul Advisor  The Crew receives messages from loved ones who have passed on to the other side including The Captain’s Grandmother, Kelly’s fiance, Eric’s Father, and a friend of Michelle’s all thanks to Tricia, The Soul Advisor. The truth sets us free as Tricia also gives us messages directly from our spirit energies that give us insight into each other’s souls and true purposes. It’s a tearful and powerful episode that has left a permanent mark on the crew of The Captain’s Pod and we are eternally grateful. 

Episode #44- I Love You Weirdo The Captain (an ENFP)  and Michelle (an INFJ) explode with laughter as they discuss recent articles regarding relationships.  They examine why we ask the people we admire most to change what it is that made us fall in love with them in the first place.   They also dive into why if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a relationship with a weirdo, you should never let that weirdo go.  If you are weird, if you know someone weird, or if you are dating someone weird, this one is definitely for you.  Episode #44 reminds us to embrace our inner weirdness, because “normal” is boring.

Episode #43- Psychic Medium (Part 2 of 2)  Isaac is a psychic medium, and he has the unique ability to see and communicate with spirit energies.  Nightmares, flickering lights, and moving objects are just a few examples of the paranormal activity he’s encountered in his life.  On this episode, The Captain and Michelle listen to Isaac’s “ghost stories,” as well as tap into his knowledge of spirits from beyond to help them with their own recent haunting by a negative entity in Michelle’s apartment. It’s a little spooky, but it contains helpful information for empaths and anyone else trying to eliminate negative energy from their homes and their life in general.

Episode #42- The Skeptical Empath  (Part 1 of 2) Meet empath and psychic medium Isaac – A logical skeptic that has real life stories of spirits talking to him as a baby in his crib, as well as needing to contact a 119 year old gypsy to help him ward off an evil spirit’s attempt to control his mind. Sounds like a bad horror movie, but it’s real life!

Episode #41- Crew Personalities It’s all fun and games on this episode! The crew took the Myers-Briggs personality test and we plug our results into memes to find out which charaters from our favorite shows we are are most like! Lots of laughs on Ep#41!

Episode #39- Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary is a non-for-profit foster home based rescue without a physical shelter.  Established by Amber Kay in 2004, this organization rescues animals from abandonment and pulls animals scheduled to be put to sleep from kill shelters.  Fur Angels believes in providing a nurturing atmosphere for their rescued animals through volunteers like Angella until a permanent, loving forever home is found.  Not only do they take in all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and reptiles but they also are equipped to support animals with special needs.  Many people do not think that deaf dogs are trainable or adoptable, therefore these animals are often the first ones to be put-down in other shelters.  The mission of Fur Angels, however, is that every animal deserves a chance!

Episode #38- Amy Milligan of Family Shelter Service No one wants to talk about it, and it’s known as the silent epidemic.  We’re talking about domestic violence, and how it impacts far more people than anyone could ever imagine.  The Captain and Michelle sit down with Amy Milligan, the Director of Counseling and Advocacy at Family Shelter Service, to discuss why domestic violence is everybody’s business.  It’s a powerful conversation about the common misconceptions people have about victims of abuse, the support Family Shelter Service and Amy provide once a victim seeks help, and how those on the path to rebuilding lives are every day heroes.  Amy also has a way you can help her celebrate 20 years of service and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Episode #37- Reflections on Father’s Day  The Crew reflects on Episode #36 and gives their own thoughts on their fathers and things to keep in mind on Father’s Day. It’s an emotional and real sit down with the Crew.

Episode #36- A Very Special Father’s Day The Captain sits down with his Dad, Richard Kovacs, for a very special Father’s Day chat.  Do YOU want recordings of the stories that your Dad (or another loved one) tells in their voice so you can keep them forever? We’ve got ideas on how you can do it for FREE on Episode #36!

Episode #35- Compassion Crusaders During our reflections on our last episode with Ally Maxwell and how a song saved her life, the crew of The Captain’s Pod gets very honest and real talking about our own experiences with depression and suicide in the past. We are flawed people and hope that our pasts can help your future.

Episode #34- Allison Maxwell “How Pearl Jam Saved My Life” A Pearl Jam song saved her life!  On this episode,The Captain and Michelle Lynn sit down with author and blogger Allison Maxwell to discuss her experiences with bullying, depression, cutting, and attempts to take her own life.  Learn how Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” comic book superheroes, and The Grunge movement help Ally realize that she’s not alone, and ultimately keep her from falling off the ledge.

Episode #33- Sibling-Like Rivalry The crew of the ship gets together for some afterthoughts on Amy Logan and Episode #32 and as usual it turns into a lot of laughs and fun. The somewhat sibling-like rivalry between Ash and Eric the Wondermutt continues to the point where The Captain almost has to pull the ship over. Fun and laughs on Episode #33!

Episode #32- A Girl With A Cape There’s a superhero in all of us, and “when someone Rocks the Cape, they are taking responsibility and Creating A Positive Environment around them.”  The Captain and Michelle Lynn talk with author Amy Logan about her A Girl With A Cape children’s book series and learns that you don’t need superhuman strengths or superpowers to be a superhero.  Everyone has the power to make a difference by just being kind and taking the time to pay it forward! (All the feelz!)

Episode #31- Reflections from a “Bad Kid” The Crew gets together with afterthoughts and reflections on Episode #30. Eric dives deep into his background as a BD kid, Good News Kelly talks about why she is home schooling her oldest daughter, and The Captain discusses parenting and how different the world is for kids today!

Episode #30- The Social Worker and “The Bad Kids” Prior to 1975, public schools could legally refuse to  educate children with certain types of disabilities, including children who were blind, deaf, and children labeled “emotionally disturbed.”  By passing Public Law 94-142, Congress declared that children with disabilities have a right to an education just like all other children .  In this episode, we sit down with Mr. W, a social worker in an alternative school, to discuss what it feels like working in what people commonly refer to as the “bad” school with the “bad” kids.  It’s an open, honest conversation about how to connect and make a difference in the lives of some of our “toughest” kids.

Episode #29- Crew Reflections on “The Art of Living” It’s time for a crew meeting! We sit down and reflect on episode 28 with Stephanie Huffman and her experience with meditation and learning “The Art of Living.” We also talk about being yourself and attracting the right people to come your way and letting go of what other say. Plus MANY laughs

Episode #28- The Art of Living No technology or talking for ten days! So quiet you can hear a person swallow on the other side of the room! Listen to Stephanie share her experiences inside the gates of Illinois’ Vipassana Meditation Center as she embarks on her own journey of self-reflection to find personal happiness and begin to see things in the universe as they really are….

Episode #27- New Beginnings/ HSP & Empath Recap (Very First Crew Meeting) Lot’s of new content in the form of solo shows from the crew members coming your way on Monday! Who’s doing what and when you can hear them? We break it down! Plus, we have a crew meeting with reflections on our most recent episodes involving Highly Sensitive Persons and Empaths. And as always when we get the crew together… a lot of laughs!!

Episode #26- Empath vs. Being Empathetic The passing of her father intensified her sensitivity to the world around her and strengthened her spiritual gifts. Dorothy Rose talks about what it means to be an empath, her ability to connect with all living matter, and her ultimate purpose on this planet, which is to help others heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to achieve their own sense of happiness.

Episode #25- HSP- Highly Sensitive Persons (The Captain Gets Interviewed) HSP – Highly Sensitive Person – Are you one? There’s a test to find out! The tables are turned and The Captain is the one getting interviewed! Also, introverts and ADHD and first hands tips on how to cope from our guest Michelle Lynn! All on episode #25!

Episode #24- Just Giant Dog Rescue It’s all about the BIG DOGS on this episode! The Captain and Ash sit down with Michalene and Troy of Just Giants Dog Rescue to discuss giant breed dogs and how most shelters just don’s have the room for them. Plus how these big lovable lugs are helpful too as service dogs for folks suffering from post traumatic stress disorder!

Episode #23- The Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity On Ep#23 – Social media putting pressure on our kids for sexual activity. We talk to The Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity about bullying and what to do as a parent. Plus! Bikers against Bullies this Sunday at Durty Nellies in Palatine! 

Episode #22- Glass Art Using Cremation Remains with Sue Regis We all have people or pets that have passed on that we miss. Ever wish you could take a little piece of them with you everyday? She’s got the way… and it’s beautiful. Today The Captain talks to Sue Regis of Regis Glass Art about what she is doing with pet and human cremains on episode #22!

Episode #21- Ramon Nayar/ ISO Splash While his corporate career was taking him all over the world, he felt like he was going nowhere and losing a part of himself until he made a huge change and followed his heart. The Captain sits down with cause-driven artist Ramon Nayar to discuss his art and how he uses his company ISO Splash to help spread the word about charities that he feels passionate about.

Episode #20- Blue for Life Her uncle’s death from cancer and the bills that followed the family afterward inspired Megan to create a charity that has now given out thousands of dollars to families including the family of little Alexa who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 15 months old. On this episode The Captain talks with Megan Bennett of Blue for Life about starting a charity for situations where there isn’t one to help and the folks that have benefitted thusfar. Plus how you can help or be inspired to help those around you!

Episode #19- Geocaching with The Kovacs Boys The Captain and sons head out in the mobile podcasting Captain Van and do some Geocaching! Find out what it’s all about!

Episode #18- Drinking Beer and Talking Coffee On this episode, we get all edumacational about coffee! Specifically home roasting and brewing and how it’s done! Chris, Mike, and Jay talk to the The Captain about extraction methods, coffee beans farting through their collective anuses, and Jay using a penis pump to brew his coffee while abroad. It’s fun and informational on Episode 18!

Episode #17- Random Act of Kindness Day April 10th! On April 10th, 2012 Kelly McCarty’s fiance Derek lost his battle with depression and committed suicide. On the anniversary of that day, instead of a somber memorial, Kelly opted to turn the tragedy into a positive as she implemented “Random Act of Kindness Day!” Find out how it has evolved over the last 3 years and how you can participate.

Episode #16- Warehouse Church A bible study of bikers, truckers, musicians, and bartenders turned into an all-welcoming church on the rough side of town. It’s a church that’s not about religion, it’s about relationships. The Captain and Angel Jen sit down with Randy Schoof and REV Dave Miller of Warehouse Church on this episode to discuss religion vs. relationships, “fake church,” and how Christ would have been known as “lover of the gays.”

Episode #15- The Lesbian Lack of Agenda “Do you remember the day that you woke up and decided to be straight?” The Captain sits down with his favorite lesbian couple to discuss the recently introduced “Religious Freedom” bill in Indiana and what it could mean for the future of human rights. WARNING – Opinions and feelz flow freely! 

Episode #14- Parents Finding Hope and Healing in Life Several years ago Kim McGuire lost her son in a car accident. After seeking help for her own grief and defining her own spirituality through reading books, she’s now taking a multi-prong approach to helping other parents deal with their grief. Kim tried to find a support group for parents who have lost a child and found that there wasn’t one, so she started one herself. Not only that, but she also started a blog and a website to help others. Just 2 weeks ago, Kim released her own book, P.H.I.L. – Parents finding Hope and healing in Life.

Episode #13- Musicians Talking Wrestling- Wrestlmania 31 Predictions On this BONUS Episode, Jim Perona and The Captain break down the current state of WWE and give their Wrestlemania 31 Predictions for this Sunday! It’s the Musicians Talk Wrestling Podcast with JP and The Captain! 😉

Episode #12- Professional Musician Jimmy Perona You can’t stuff yourself into a box you don’t fit into… The Captain talks with professional musician and guitarist extrodinaire Jim Perona about the ins and outs of a self-made full-time music career. They talk about some of the difficulties of being your own boss and the misconceptions that people have about working musicians and the hustle that is familiar to anyone who has tried to start their own business. 

Episode #11- Simply Destinee Side effects from Epilepsy medication led 16 year old Destinee to take her own life. However, what’s being done in her name today is keeping kids off the streets and saving their lives through music and dance. The story of Simply Destinee Youth Dance Outreach Program is nothing short of amazing and it’s on episode #11 of the Captain’s Pod! Visit for all the info on this amazing program.

Episode #10- Rick Gieser from Zanies Comedy Club It’s a super-fun Thursday show! The Captain and Alydar have a fun chat with Rick Gieser from Zanies Comedy Club.

Episode #9- The Miracle Foster Kid… All Grown Up After being born in a prison, she bounced between 25 different foster homes from ages 1 to 9. Years of abuse led to a hopeless 6 months in a mental institution by age 12. Now, Meet Rose…

Episode #7- E.J. The Living Urban Legend  Ever heard the one about the guy that was in Iraq and got shot in the face and died, then came back to life? Well, his name is E.J. and he’s right here.

Episode #6- Burlesque Strikes Back  The crew heads back to the lesbian lounge for a NSFW discussion with a full panel of burlesque guests about a recent news story regarding body shaming in the burlesque community. Our guests give us some great tips on owning your body!

Episode #5- Jen and Brooke from Suicide Prevention Services The Captain and Eric the Wondermutt have a life-changing chat with Jen Slepicka and Brooke Mol from Suicide Prevention Services. We discuss triggers of depression, helpful ideas to cope, and fun events that SPS has coming up!

Episode #4- Joe Thomas The Captain and Wondermutt sit down with Cap’s first radio boss Joe Thomas to talk about his beginnings in Toledo, interviewing an uncooperative Aerosmith, a crazy drunken Halloween party at WCKG in Chicago, and his latest radio gig at Country station of the year US-99.5!

Episode #3- Eric O’Connor/ National Blood Clot Alliance 3 NBA players in recent weeks have been struck by blood clots…The Captain and Alydar sit down with Eric O’Connor for an AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL conversation about the National Blood Clot Alliance, his own personal history with blood clots, wedding photography, mentally preparing for marathon running, and taking baby steps to get to where you want to be! Plus hear about the crazy antics that Eric is pulling to bring attention to this killer of 274 people EVERY DAY know as blood clots!

Episode #2- Mia D. Vine We have a FANTASTIC chat with Burlesque Entertainer Mia D. Vine! Find out how Burleque shows happen from concept to completion, what artists inspire her, and when and where you can witness the art of Burlesque!