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A podcast for introverts and extroverts working to get along better in various types of relationships!  It’s an INFJ and ENFP perspective on life.

In/Ex Adventures #23- After the Breakup & Modern Dating In this modern dating world are people as disposable as the outdated technology? Being in a relationship is hard, and there are a lot of reasons why two people might choose to go their separate ways.  In this episode, Michelle and The Captain discuss what ENFPs and INFJs do after a break up, as well as shed some light on their own relationship ups and downs. If you sometimes feel like relationships are just too much work, or if you are tired of people giving up on you at the slightest sign of conflict, then this one is definitely worth listening to.

In/Ex Adventures #22- Introvert vs. Extrovert Sense of Humor By now we all know that you MUST have a sense of humor when you are in an introvert/extrovert relationship! Are you an INFJ like Michelle that often misses jokes, because as an INFJ you don’t always get the obvious? Are you an ENFP like The Captain that frequently says “Why you making fun of me?” Michelle’s idea of a compliment is telling Cap, “You look fancy… like you are getting ready to park cars” and “You look nice like a douche at the bar.” Fortunately Cap’s thoughts are elsewhere as he is left perplexed by Michelle’s disdain for buttons & Instruction Manuals. We discuss the sense of humor of our Myers Briggs types on In/Ex #22!

In/Ex Adventures #21- The NF Male  Michelle and The Captain discuss men who have the iNtuitve Feeling trait in their Myers-Briggs Personality type. These NF males want you to know that they are not the stereotypical “Sensitive Ponytail Man” or “Emo-dude” that should be kept in the friend zone! We’re fighting male stereotypes and sensitive man misconceptions on In/Ex #21!

In/Ex Adventures #20 – Romance Styles of INFJ & ENFP It’s a “Valentine’s Day Adventure” on this episode! The Captain and Michelle discuss what to get your significant other based on their INFJ or ENFP personality type and dive into Romance Styles for introverts and extroverts. They also discuss the “Love Language” for this infamous MBTI pairing. What’s most important? Quality time? Words of affirmation? How about physical touch? They answer all of these questions and more with personal stories from their own adventures! It’s In/Ex Adventures #20!

In/Ex Adventures #19 – INFJ and ENFP Connection We’ve spent quite a bit of time laughing about our differences, but on this show we are looking at why ENFP and INFJ are actually perfect for each other! We go over 20 checkpoints to determine if what you have really is an ENFP/INFJ connection!

In/Ex Adventures #18 – Biggest Fears of INFJ & ENFP Being that it’s Halloween time and we’ve been thinking about things that are scary, Michelle and The Captain dive into the biggest fears of INFJ and ENFP. This is no horror movie! It’s an in-depth look into whats holding each of them back and what they need to let go of in order to grow. It’s In/Ex #18!

In/Ex Adventures #17 – “7 Hard Life Lessons for an INFJ” In this very emotional episode, Michelle dives into her article “Superman Vs. A Rainbow” also known as “7 Life Lessons for an INFJ.” She discusses the role that her INFJ personality type has played in the downfalls of past relationships and how taking a step back can give one some perspective of past mistakes and lessons for moving forward into potential future happiness.

In/Ex Adventures #16 – Alcohol and Excess We’re back! After a trip to Vegas and an adventure with Absinthe, INFJ Michelle and ENFP The Captain discuss which beverage best represents their Myers-Briggs Personality type and also how Introverts and Extroverts act in a party environment! Michelle discusses having to schedule her drinking excursions while The Captain makes impromptu parties happen! They discuss the pressure on ENFP’s in social situations to be entertaining and then wondering if people only like them when they are drinking! Meanwhile Michelle’s INFJ-ness helps her know what is going on with the others around her, but she has no idea what is going on with her own body while drinking. It’s a fun-filled return in In/Ex Adventures# 16!

In/Ex Adventures #15 – In a Rut! Inferior Functions of ENFP and INFJ What happens when we are in a rut and our BAD sides come out? What’s the cause of these ruts in the first place? Michelle and The Captain talk about the inferior functions of their Myers-Briggs Personality Types – ENFP and INFJ. They discuss a little distraction vs too much, cutting out manipulative people and toxic relationships and Michelle questions The Captain’s “manly man” skills! Cap takes a disco nap… and a disco shower, and while he states he is the “shake-making champion” of the world, Michelle wonders if he’s even listening. What happens when Michelle has an inferior function explosion? Find out on In/Ex #15!

#14 – Introvert Anxiety vs. Extrovert Anxiety
 INFJ Says: “Too Much input!” ENFP says: “Stop making fun of me!” The Captain and Michelle look at anxiety symptoms for INFJ and ENFP by first recognizing triggers, patterns of behavior when stressed and anxious, how to re-balance, and what you learn from the stressful experience. How to get out of that funk or lighten the load for your significant other! It’s In/Ex #14!

In/Ex Adventures #13 – Beyond MBTi Labels The Captain and Michelle discuss the point, purpose, accuracy, and criticism of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. They also share their results from other personality tests like the Human Metrics, the Big Five Personality Test, and have fun with the “What Inanimate Object Are You” test. This episode is about more than just the labels of INFJ or ENFP.  It’s about using information responsibly to encourage conversation and growth in our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.

In/Ex Adventures #12 – Introverts & Extroverts Living Together The Captain (ENFP) & Michelle (INFJ) welcome recently engaged Ross (INFJ) and Ashley (ENFP) onto the show to discuss ground rules for introverts & extroverts living together. It’s a humorous look at the similarities in In/Ex couples even if the sexes are reversed. How being late for events will drive INFJs Michelle and Ross CRAZY, while ENFPs Ashley and The Captain just need “10 more minutes” of sleep in the morning. Lots of laughs on In/Ex #12!

In/Ex Adventures #11 – INFJ Relaxation Backfire! ENFP The Captain tries to find ways to help INFJ Michelle relax that he dubs “Relaxation for the Introvert that won’t let you touch them.” His extrovert thought process that a virtual reality game would be a good idea backfires most humorously as the “Zen Garden” becomes a nightmare for Michelle’s amplified senses. They briefly talk about “Making a Murder” on Netflix which leads to what each MBTI personality type would do if they were forced to drink poison… yep, it’s a thing and it’s on In/Ex #11! 

In/Ex Adventures #10 – The “NF” Downward Spiral INFJ Michelle and ENFP The Captain discuss the pros and cons of an introvert/extrovert relationship and the dreaded “NF Downward Spiral!” With 2 people that are both “intuitive” and “feeling” in the MBTI spectrum, emotions are HIGH… or sometimes low… How can they cope? Find out on Episode #10 of In/Ex Adventures!

In/Ex Adventures #9 – The “Gift of The Magi” Misunderstanding On this episode Michelle and The Captain go over MBTI Cleaning Squads as they were preparing for an “Introvert New Years Eve!” Michelle gives her reviews of 2 of the Captain’s favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life”(1946) and “The Mambo Kings”(1992) and The Captain reviews Michelle’s favorite movie “Amilie.”(2001) Also, The Captain requests that Michelle wear a Muumuu and how a “Gift of the Magi” type misunderstanding almost ruined New Years Eve! It’s In/Ex #9!

In/Ex Adventures #8 – MBTI Holiday Preparation and Gift Guide It’s a Myers-Briggs Christmas! Will Michelle’s INFJ lack of nostalgia and non-traditional holiday movie and song selections ruin Christmas, or can The Captain use his ENFP enthusiasm and sentimentality to save the season? While Michelle claims to be a gift wrapping machine, The Captain wraps himself in his own (somewhat outrageous) scarf! They dive into how each Myers-Briggs personality type prepares for the holidays and go over the comprehensive MBTI Gift Guide! Want to know what to get your Boss? Your Mom? Here’s the guide to help you out! It’s our holiday special and we’re celebrating our differences on In/Ex #8!

In/Ex Adventures #7 – Overcompensating 101 for INFJ or ENFP How many Christmas lights are too many?  What’s the difference between an introvert and extravert parade?  What should you be wearing when the Pea Pod delivery guy arrives?  Find out on this episode of In/Ex Adventures, along with overcompensating for your INFJ or ENFP and using numerology to learn about your loved ones. 

In/Ex Adventures #6 – INFJ Door Slams and ENFP B-Slaps! We dive into the different breaking points for INFJ’s and ENFP’s! The infamous INFJ Door Slam vs. the ENFP B-Slap! Plus, The Captain adds a new key on Michelle’s Key ring throwing off her entire mojo and it reminds her of her Southern Grandmother’s Crazy Jar… What’s a “Crazy Jar?” The Captain has no idea! We deal with broken self-checkout machines in insomniac shopping adventures and refrigerator item symmetry! All the funs to be had in In/Ex #6!

In-Ex Adventures #5 – Judging vs Perceiving and MBTI Kryptonite In this laugh-filled episode, Michelle and Cap discuss judging vs perceiving in the Myers Briggs indicators and each of their personality type’s kryptonite! Also, the differences between the processes that an introvert and an extrovert go through in doing crafts and putting projects together. Plus, the TV show Misfits and their cardigan bashing, the lack of Powerpuff Girls at the Comic book shop, and Michelle’s inappropriate winking habit! Is this a high five moment? Find out in In/Ex #5!

In/Ex Adventures #4 – Romantic Comedies and Relationship Realities INFJ Michelle and ENFP The Captain discuss the realities of introverts and extroverts dating vs. what you see in a romantic comedy while reviewing movies that the other has picked! Michelle reviews “Playing By Heart” (The Captain’s choice) while Cap reviews “Rid of Me.” (Michelle’s Choice) Plus, “Don’t Date an INFJ” vs. “Don’t Date an ENFP!” It’s In/Ex Adventures #4!

In/Ex Adventures #3 – Airports and Weddings and Gropings… Oh My! Michelle (INFJ) and The Captain (ENFP) discuss their trip to Cap’s best friends wedding. They discuss their Uber experience, the adventure known as the airport, not knowing anyone at a wedding, and creepy dudes. It’s another full-on adventure on In/Ex #3!

In/Ex Adventures #2 – An ENFP Dream is an INFJ Nightmare! The Captain (ENFP) and Michelle (INFJ) discuss dying Cap’s hair blue, (A.K.A “The Smurf Murder Scene”) misheard lyrics, the introvert’s nightmare known as the “Self Checkout Lane,” sudden movements, wrong names for wrestling moves, a quick review of “The Age of Adeline” and Michelle’s thoughts on The Captain’s favorite Opera – sung by the blue alien from “The Fifth Element.”

In/Ex Adventures #1 – INFJ and ENFP The Captain (ENFP) and Michelle (INFJ) take a humorous look at the daily differences between extroverts and introverts in relationships together. We will be talking about not only personal relationships, but business relationships, friendships and how to get along at work! It’s our unscripted first episode of In/Ex Adventures!