Anti-Matters #6 – Bystander or Upstander? Karli and The Captain talk about how YOU can be a hero! They discuss the different ways to diffuse escalating situations in public such as comedy and distraction and give examples of how having one moment of bravery could prevent tragedy in someone else’s life! Don’t simply be a bystander, be an UPstander! 

 Anti-Matters #5 – Victim Blaming Karli and The Captain discuss the persisting attitude in rape culture that a girl is “asking for it” because of the way she is dressed and how this attitude is being applied to school dress codes. Plus, the answer to the question of “why didn’t she fight back?” Also, the excuse of “raging hormones” vs the reality of the perpetrator’s quest for power and control over the victim and how race, class, and age play into the medias bias in reporting the stories. It’s all in Anti-Matters #5!

Anti-Matters #4 – The 1st Time Anyone Had Called It “Rape” How the dismissal of the Patrick Kane case feeds into rape culture and Karli’s personal story and how much it impacted her the first time anyone called her experience “rape.”

Anti-Matters #3 – “My situation wasn’t *THAT* bad” Ever downplay your situation when you compare it to people that have had it much worse? Realize, it’s a big event in YOUR life. On this episode, Karli tells her personal story of dating violence, fear, control and manipulation. We talk about triggers from the past, even if your current partner has never exhibited violent behavior, how fear of rejection leads to controlling behaviors in partners and the commonly heard “Why doesn’t she leave?” directed at victims. Plus, Karli has tips for what to do if you are on the outside of a situation looking on at a loved ones bad situation.

Anti-Matters #2 – Anti-Bullying – Growing up GEEK Karli and Cap share their own personal stories about being bullied growing up and discuss the difficulties that kids deal with today. (It’s even harder for them!) They discuss social media and how it effects bullied kids even when they aren’t online! Karli gives tips on ways for your kids to deal with bullies and how a bullied child should NOT have to alter their life! Plus, bullying doesn’t just happen to kids, how adults are effected at work and in friendships. Also, Karli and Cap let their inner little nerds out as they talk about Cap’s 1989 closet full of Batman T-shirts and Karli’s Power Rangers Birthday Party! It’s Episode #2 of Anti-Matters! 

Anti-Matters #1 – Unsuspecting Forms of Sexual Harassment It’s a NEW show from The Captain’s Pod! Welcome Karli Johnson to the crew! She’s a speaker, educator, crisis counselor, and consultant on power-based-personal violence. She is also a victim and survivor of domestic violence and sexual violence. On this new show we are going to be talking about anti-bullying, anti-violence, and all things that matter. It’s “Anti-Matters!” On this first episode we get to know Karli and discuss peer pressure, the true meaning of consent, and the unsuspecting forms of sexual harassment. Join us and welcome Karli aboard!