The Captain’s Pod produces a unique and stimulating series of weekly podcasts that spread good feelz and geeky fun!

zrXeC9h0pgu2tk1-QpwnycLY5hXNGVv-LWs2sImjldwThe Captain (Brian Kovacs)  travels the universe looking for ways to have geeky fun and spread “the feelz.”  His mission in life is to help others feel less alien, which he does through very honest and heartfelt interviews.  He will tell you that he doesn’t always feel qualified to navigate our ship, but the crew will argue that we need him to help us keep “Compassion” on course.

Good News Kelly11145198_10206670373348799_3373411044610539688_o starts your week off with positivity, kindness , and amazing inspirational stories and quotes!  Kelly makes every Monday meaningful with her weekly show.

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The Feelz Specialist (Michelle)  shares a weekly podcast for HSP’s, introverts, empaths, and intuitive feeling types.  On HSP S.O.S., she discusses the work of Dr. Elaine Aron, Susan Cain, and other influential psychologists and researchers invested in the trait of sensitivity.


Karli Johnson is a speaker, educator, storyteller, activist, non-profit president, business owner and consultant on power-based-personal violence and sexual health.