For those of us who struggle with mental illness, monsters are all too real. They aren’t the ones you are used to seeing in the movies; they are the ones no one sees but you. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes – your past, your future, your diagnosis. The importance is not the shape or size of the monster but how we tackle it. This is dedicated to everyone battling their own monster – keep on fighting.

When we are small
We see it all
Freddy, Jason, Michael, The Boogeyman
We beg we plead
Mom check the closet
Dad, he’s under the bed!
But the monster that watches doesn’t lurk under the bed
The monster lives in our head
We are never good enough
We never make enough money
We are never beautiful
We will never be Kim or Taylor or Scarlett
We are never our truth
We are always our monster

Ally is a writer and friend of The Captain’s Pod.